Cliff Bleszinski is back with his own studio: Boss Key Productions

Boss Key Productions

Cliff Bleszinski has emerged from his two year hiatus with the unveiling of his new studio, named Boss Key Productions. Not much is known about the studio except that they plan to reveal something mysterious on July 8th.

A website has been launched teasing the impending reveal, asking readers to “unlock the fun”. It is also accompanied by this tweet from the studio suggesting things might kick off sooner than we think:

That “sooner” means July 8th according to a countdown clock teased by Bleszinski. He also seems eager to get back to business, telling his followers that he wants to be “the guy who does things”.

We know from last year that Cliff wanted to make an arena FPS game, and that he’s pretty keen on PC development over consoles. Check back Tuesday for the the big reveal.

Thanks Digital Spy!