Free games: Grab one of 4000 Luna launch bundles for Closers to get your wings!

To celebrate the promotion of Luna to a Special Agent we're giving away a bunch of goodies for the action-MMORPG

Closers luna

What if Streets of Rage had anime characters? Your head is probably spinning with the possibilities but stop it right now – clasp your skull with both hands and look this way. You don’t need to put your imagination to work in order to figure out what the answer to that question might look like. We already have Closers, a free-to-play action-RPG about powerful psychic teenagers with glorious manes and huge, round eyes.

These anime teens are part of an elite team put together to tackle an invading menace from another dimension. What that means is you get to play a well-dressed fighter who has lightning fly from their fists as they beat up a range of bizarre – yet often cute – threats to the Earth.

We’ve given you a bunch of reasons as to why you should be kicking interdimensional alien butt in Closers before, but here’s another one: we’re giving away a bunch of goodies for it. To be specific, it’s the Luna launch bundle, which is being dished out to celebrate the destructive fighter’s promotion to a Special Agent. We have 4000 of them to give away.

You don’t get anything specific to Luna herself inside the bundle but you do get the following:

  • A permanent Blue Wave / Jade Yukata set – can only be used on one character
  • One 15-day Judgment Phase Wings – a pair of golden wings to make you look badass
  • Ten Phase Stabilizers – grants a 100% experience bonus
  • Ten Luck Stabilizers – grants you a 30% found item bonus
  • One Victory Talisman Box (one-day duration)

You’ll want to make sure you have a Closers account if you enter the giveaway as you won’t be able to redeem your prize if you do win.

As to how you get a code, it’s easy – just use the widget below. Just complete one of the actions in the widget and you should receive your code. Then you can claim your key in the Closers launcher to receive your items. Please read our terms and conditions before you enter.

Closers Luna bundle giveaway

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