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We have 5000 Closers Rogue Agents Celebration Boxes to give away!

Grab yourself one of the 5000 codes to unlock the Rogue Agents Celebration Box

Closers Rogue Agents

If you’re looking for an epic anime RPG to fill your time then it doesn’t get much better than Closers. The game actually just got a new chapter called Rogue Agents, which introduces a new storyline and in-game events for all players to enjoy over the next few months. To acknowledge this new chapter, we’re giving away 5000 codes that unlock Rogue Agents Celebration Boxes, all of which are filled with in-game goodies.

To be specific, each Celebration Box contains Elite Status for one day, a Shaman Washing Machine – which has a chance of awarding Shaman costume pieces or a full set of Shaman items, Zenith costume accessories, pets, or other consumable items – and a Yukata Cloud / Sapphire Costume Full Set Box.

As to the new storyline, Rogue Agents kicks off as Wildhüter team splits off from the rest of the Union, meaning the Black Lamb and Wolf Dog teams have to bring them back to restore order. It all gets a bit Wild West as former allies go against each other and the showdowns begin.

For a full list of all the changes that Rogue Agents brings to Closers you’ll want to head on over to the official website. Otherwise, you can get a glimpse of the new content in the gameplay trailer below.

If you want one of the 5000 codes we have to unlock the Closers Rogue Agents Celebration Box then all you need to do is complete one of the actions in the widget below.

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Closers Rogue Agents giveaway

  • Download and install the Closers launcher
  • Click on the ‘Redeem a Code’ option in the launcher
  • Insert your code and click ‘Redeem code’

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