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Clouds everywhere: OnLive will be available on Philips Android-powered TVs

OnLive in TVs

The last time I bought a new TV, it was easy. There were no Smart TVs, no 4K TVs, no 3D TVs. All I needed to worry about was if it was big enough. Things are a lot more complicated now. And adding to all this choice are the new Android-powered TVs from Philips. 

Along with things like Netflix and Spotify, these big Android devices will come packaged with OnLive, the game streaming service. Using a gamepad or bluetooth mouse and keyboard, folk will be able to sign in with their OnLive account and start playing games directly from their set. 

“Integrating OnLive directly onto Philips TVs powered by Android is a perfect example of how even the most graphically demanding games can be delivered into the living room without the need for dedicated high-end gaming hardware,” said Rick Sanchez, VP for Product and Marketing at OnLive. “OnLive delivers gaming with the same instant-on convenience and benefits that is driving consumers’ surging interest for on-demand video and music services.”

This new range of TVs employ “Ambilight”, which projects a glowing light onto the wall behind the television. The light changes depending on the colours on the screen, the purpose being to create a “visually dynamic and immersive experience”.

It makes the TV look haunted.

The new sets are expected to launch in Europe around the New Year.