Coast Guard trailer sets the scene: “Every day could be your last”

Coast Guard trailer

Coast Guard is a game about being a coast guard, and bloody hell it seems pretty intense. I guess that rescuing people in the sea and mucking around in storms is pretty intense, but the trailer for this here simulation and story adventure romp makes the coast guard seem like an elite group of special forces superheroes. 

I am absolutely invested in this. 

The protagonist, I’m pretty sure he’s called Fred Astaire, just fills every line of narration with the super-seriousness of those Hollywood blockbuster trailer guys, and honestly being a coast guard now sounds bloody amazing.

“Every day could be your last.” It could be. I really could. And coast guards know this, which is why they speed into gargantuan waves and fight drug dealers and people smugglers on the open sea. Yes, there’s crime fighting in Coast Guard.

Farming Simulator doesn’t let you fight crime now, does it?

Coast Guard is due out on October 21st on Steam.

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