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Mojang’s cyborg platformer Cobalt gets February release date

Cobalt release date

The Minecraft studio’s Cobalt has been hanging around the realm of “coming out soon” for a long while, including a major delay last year after it had a firm October release date announced. Punted into 2016, it has now been reconfirmed for February 2nd in an announcement on the Mojang website with more details on exactly how it will play.

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The lengthy blog post not only reveals when we’ll get to mess around with it, but some other tidbits about the game. You’ll be rolling, shooting and slow-moing your way through an eight-hour campaign packed with minigames. There’s also standard versus multiplayer and challenge leaderboards. A more in-motion glance at all that in the trailer from E3:

Since it’s coming to Steam, there’s also going to be Workshop support, letting players create levels and share them with others. That’s all that was mentioned in the post, but I’d guess that the editing tools will be able to create new modes through some basic logic editing at the very least. Those who already bought into the alpha and beta versions of Cobalt will also be given a Steam key once it’s out on there.

Any of you fine folks already been playing in the earlier tests? Did it need a months-long delay? Should we be excited?