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Codemasters Humble Bundle lets you race, rule, and realistically shoot people in the face

Dirt 3 Codemasters

Codemasters has become the latest company to become involved with the Humble Bundle company, bringing its back catalogue to the pay what you want service.

For a nominal $1 fee you can get the Overlord games and the recent Operation Flashpoint games. For a wee bit more you can get the DiRT series, too.

The Overlord games are the closest thing we have to a Dungeon Keeper game outside of War of the Overworld, and that’s still deep in development. They’re certainly the best games available in this bundle. The Operation Flashpoint games are a bit naff and pale in comparison to Arma. While I wholeheartedly recommend the DiRT games this bundle doesn’t include DiRT 2, the best entry into the series. Although DiRT 3 is far from a bad face. It just has a little too much gymkana for my taste.

You can check out all the games in more detail over at Humble Bundle.

This deal is part of Humble’s Weekly Bundle so you’ll have to act fast to make use of the deal.

This is gymkana for the unititated:

It’s a bloody faff doing all those fancy spins in a car.