THQ Nordic announces a new Comanche at Gamescom 2019

A new Comanche is on the way

NovaLogic’s classic combat helicopter sim Comanche is making a comeback courtesy of THQ Nordic’s latest act of necromancy, but it’s hitting in a much different form. The new Comanche is a team-based online shooter which pits teams of experimental helicopter pilots against each other for dogfights and drone battles.

The game’s split into two parts. In the titular Comanche, you’ll fight against other choppers, and you can switch over to drones for more stealth-focused combat in close quarters. You’ll be able to pick between different combinations of Comanche and drone which will each offer their own sets of weapons, gadgets, and abilities.

It certainly doesn’t sound a whole lot like the voxel-based simulation of the mid-90s, but it could at least provide for an interesting concept in an aerial multiplayer shooter. This is notably the first game in the Comanche series that’ll be released since the US Army shut down development of the experimental chopper back in 2004.

You can head over to the official site to sign up for news on alpha and beta tests.

Check out the trailer above for a taste of what to expect.

Comanche is currently scheduled for an Early Access release in the first quarter of 2020.