Command & Conquer: Remastered will include the secret dinosaur missions

Welcome to Command & Conquer Park

Command & Conquer: Remastered was announced last year just as it started to enter development, which means we’ve been getting just a slow trickle of news on the release as the developers work on restoring C&C. That’s mostly included brief glimpses at new art and UI, and today’s update is no exception – but there is one extra detail for the hardcore fans.

The remaster will include a new mission select screen to make it easier to select and replay missions, and quickly watch cutscenes associated with the stages you’ve completed. This is an additional quality-of-life feature rather than a replacement interface, as EA’s Jim Vessella confirms on Reddit.

This interface shows buttons for the GDI, Nod, and Covert Operations missions, as well as one with a T-rex – which likely represents what Vessella calls “a few bonus missions players may be familiar with.” Yep, it looks like secret, Jurassic Park-themed mini-campaign is making a comeback.

The five dinosaur missions were technically included in the original game, but they weren’t available until the Covert Operations expansion added a cheat code to unlock them. No word yet on how you’ll unlock the bonus campaign in the remaster, but the icon here is greyed out – which suggests that there will indeed be some criteria to get access.

“As with all the remastered content,” Vessella says, “our goal is to maintain an authentic approach to the menus, while of course enhancing them to take full advantage of higher resolution displays. You can expect this style to permeate throughout all the menu screens in Tiberian Dawn.”