Company of Heroes 2 multiplayer beta due to light up April 2 for a select few


Company of Heros 2 has been released; read our Company of Heroes 2 review to find out our verdict.

Relic have made a strange and unorthodox addendum to the Easter calendar, so pay close attention. We’ll celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Sunday and watch Ben-Hur on Monday, as per the usual schedule. Then, once the UK bank holiday is done, Company of Heroes 2 will enter closed beta.

The beta will run for two weeks beginning Tuesday, and feature six of the game’s most competitive maps.

Company of Heroes multiplayer promises to be every bit as nail-gnawingly tense as it’s ever been in its sequel, and now has 4v4 proudly emblazoned on its lapel, for extra chaos. Also a light frosting of snow on its shoulders.

Relic recently revealed that, while we were all losing our hats jogging alongside the speeding, burning wreckage of former owners THQ, the Company of Heroes dev team was sitting quietly in the corner working very hard indeed.

“Our acquisition by Sega has given us the chance to work with a new partner that has a great track record of working with long standing PC franchises,” said exec producer Jonathan Dowdeswell in a statement. “It gives us great confidence to know that we have a well aligned team working to bring the best experience we can to gamers around the world.”

There is a Company of Heroes 2 release date. Would you like to hear it? It’s June 25. Isn’t that exciting?