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Two of the best RTS games ever are free to keep this weekend on Steam

Company of Heroes 2 and Ardennes Assault are both yours for the taking on Steam

If you’re looking to scratch an RTS game itch, or are in the mood for a really good WWII game, head to Steam right now to get a free copy of both Company of Heroes 2 and the standalone DLC expansion campaign, Ardennes Assault. They’re both free to keep forever, but you’ll have to grab them between now and June 3.

Company of Heroes 2 is on our list of the best RTS games of all time, and that’s thanks in no small part to the Ardennes Assault expansion, which is free for the first time ever this weekend. This standalone campaign changed the formula up, providing a new strategic layer over the tactical real-time missions. You’ll have to carefully plan your approach to each campaign, and the dynamic nature of the fight through the Ardennes makes it one of the more replayable single-player RTS experiences out there.

If you’re looking more to fill out your collection, you’re also in luck – the giveaway is part of Sega’s Company of Heroes franchise celebration, and so the publisher has put the whole kit and kaboodle on steep sale. You can pick up any piece of Company of Heroes content this weekend for up to 80% off, so if you’re missing any DLC or the original game, now’s the time to fix that.

Here’s a trailer:

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