Company of Heroes 3 release date, pre-orders, and features

Everything you need to know about upcoming strategy game Company of Heroes 3, from release date and pre-order information, to campaigns and features

Company of Heroes 3 release date: British and German forces clash in a small desert village

The Company of Heroes 3 release date is coming. It’s already been in development for five years, so what’s a few more months. Initially, we only knew about the Italian campaign with its new, Total War-style strategy map, and about the CoH-development program that’s driven a lot of the design decisions to date.

A recent announcement also revealed the second campaign, which is in the more traditional mission-only style, as well as the Company of Heroes 3 release date, and even vague plans for Company of Heroes 3 DLC.

Company of Heroes 3 release date

The Company of Heroes 3 release date is November 17, 2022. It will release on PC via Steam.

Company of Heroes 3 pre-orders

Company of Heroes 3 pre-orders are live now via Steam and the game’s official website. Physical or digital, there are two flavours of pre-release editions – ‘launch’ and ‘premium’.

Both editions will come with the Devil’s Brigade DLC pack – which contains ‘legendary’ skins for a number of US units in-game, while the premium edition comes with additional cosmetics, as well as access to the game’s first expansion, which is due out sometime in 2023.

Company of Heroes 3 system requirements

The Company of Heroes 3 system requirements have arrived courtesy of developer Relic Entertainment, giving you plenty of time to get your system ready for the game.

Company of Heroes 3 alpha

A third Company of Heroes 3 alpha is now available, offering a single mission from the North African campaign titled ‘Mission Alpha’. If you played the initial pre-alpha, or the multiplayer alpha that occured after, you should already have access to the new build.

If not, you can find out details on how to sign up via the official website.

WW2-era troops fight in trenches in North Africa in Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3 features

There are two campaigns – Italy and North Africa, and each can be played seperately, regardless of the chronological order of evets. The Italian campaign uses Relic’s new dynamic ‘strategic’ layer, while the North African campaign is the more traditional, narrative-and-mission focused experience with no campaign layer.

There will be four factions at launch – British and commonwealth forces, American forces, the German Wehrmacht, and the German Afrika Korps. Other allied nations and commonwealth forces will be represented either through Battlegroups (which haven’t been fully explained yet) and other in-game references.

While we don’t know anything about mod tools, Relic has confirmed it plans to roll out dedicated customisation options to give players more control over skirmish battles, which could lay the foundation for a mod scene if formal modding capability is rolled out.

Not going to lie, it all seems pretty exciting. That’s everything you need to know about the Company of Heroes 3 release date. Check back later for further updates, and in the meantime you can read our guide to the best strategy games and best WW2 games if you’re looking for things to play while you pass the time.