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Company of Heroes 2 is free for both the proletariat and bourgeoisie this weekend

Company of Heroes 2 free

War is expensive. Tanks and guns don’t grow on trees, and if they did, the world would be a terrifying place, where being squashed or shot by falling objects would be an all to common occurrence. This weekend, however, things have changed. War is so cheap it’s free. Specifically, the Eastern Front of the Second World War, the setting of Company of Heroes 2. 

Relic’s grim RTS is free on Steam from today until Sunday 1PM PST. It’s also on sale for 66 percent off, including all the DLC. 

Here’s what one particularly handsome reviewer had to say about the game when it launched last year: “Company of Heroes 2 is not quite the reinvention one might have expected after so many years, but by building on the solid foundations of its predecessor, Relic has produced a title that is every bit as compelling as the original, and one of the strongest RTS games I’ve played in a while.

“New players will find the ease of the campaign an excellent introduction to the franchise, while returning veterans should find plenty to like about the addition of hostile weather and the expanded multiplayer component. There are times when Company of Heroes 2 feels more like a huge expansion than a completely new experience, but damn is it enjoyable.”

£10 for the base game and a fiver for the DLC isn’t too shabby if you end up enjoying it this weekend.