Company of Heroes 2 map editor due soon, new maps plotted


Company of Heroes 2 may have been out now for a few months and potentially sitting at the bottom of your ‘done’ pile, but Relic has plans to drag you back into the fight. Kind of like a Soviet Commissar, really. But rather than pointing a gun at your head and shouting, Relic is offering new maps, a new mini-campaign for Theatre of War mode, and a fully-featured map editing tool. 

Talking in a letter over at the Company of Heroes website, producer Greg Wilson explained that two new maps were on the way: Langreska and Semoskiy. Inspired by some of the most popular battlefields from the first game, the maps feature both summer and winter variants, so if you’re not so keen on the divisive snow mechanics you can remain in the warm and dry.

Co-op junkies can jump back to 1942 with a new mini-pack for Theatre of War mode, which depicts the mid-point of the war from the German’s perspective. If you’re a Company of Heroes fan who brought a Collector’s Edition of the game – digital or physical – you can pick these missions up for free, as can those who pre-ordered. If you don’t fall into either category, then you can purchase the mini-pack on Steam.

The team at Relic have also been working on World Builder, the map editing tool for CoH that should be hitting v1.0 very soon. It will be released for free sometime in the near future.

Wilson emphases that Company of Heroes 2 is still very much in its infancy, and that it has a long life ahead of it. There hasn’t been much noise from the Eastern front since CoH2 launched, but the promise of community-made maps dropping in could be the reinforcements that the game needs.