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Gaming survey proves that age makes us less competitive

Competitive gaming survey

According to a new survey conducted with a very large pool of people, we lose our competitive edge as we get older. This news might not shock you, but now we have proof, backed up by a lovely graph and some numbery numbers. 

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Game analytic consultants Quantic Foundry surveyed over239,000 gamers, asking a bunch of questions about their preferences when it comes to their favourite pastime.

The data shows that competitiveness declines with age, with a steep plummet between ages 13 and 30. Being almost 30 myself and spending most of my time with single-player experiences, I can relate to this decline.

In men, that interest is almost all gone at 45, but women start to level off around 15 years earlier, according to the stats. Despite the gender differences though, the graph shows that age is the main factor when it comes to playing against other people. Maybe you just get sick of listening to people.

For a more in-depth look at the stats and findings, head over to Quantic Foundry.

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