Siege warfare comes to Conan Exiles with the introduction of trebuchets in update 23

Conan Exiles siege gameplay

Just last week, Funcom released update 22 for Conan Exiles, introducing new weapons, clothes dyeing, and more. This week it’s time for update 23, marking the beginning of siege warfare. 

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The update adds the trebuchet siege weapon, so you can lay waste to the castles of your enemies. This should open up a bunch more ways to toy with other players in the open-world survival game.

To get your hands on this massive wall-wrecker, you need to craft it, then place it. From there, it’s manually aimed by pushing it around. You can add or remove rocks and ballast to add weight to the projectile, changing the distance based on physics.

Pile in huge boulders to topple walls, or fill it with explosive Demon-fire to create a deadly chain reaction, setting toppled stone ablaze as it comes crashing down. See it in action in the video embedded above.

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