Consolation prize: Windows 10 leak uncovers Xbox app for PC

Windows 10

Last week, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said it was “time to talk about gaming on Windows”. And over the weekend, certain parties on the internet got their hands on an early consumer build of Windows 10: the operating system Microsoft were so excited about that they forgot to build 9. The overhauled OS will pull together the workings of desktops, phones, tablets and the Xbox more tightly than ever before – and it looks like that goes double for games.

The leak dripped fresh details onto the upturned faces of the tech specialists at The Verge, who had a play around with the new Xbox app.

Microsoft have already stepped in to point out that it’s an early build – so there’s no Smartglass integration, for starters. But the app reportedly acts as a gateway to the Xbox ecosystem at large – including achievements, friends lists, activity feeds, and the Store.

That’s a continuation of the direction Microsoft have been uncertainly staggering in for years – tying together Games for Windows Live and console accounts, and handling Windows 8 Store sales through the Xbox site.

The Windows 10 Store is also an intriguing prospect – grouping together games with music, film and television. With Steam Music now a real prospect, the next few years might see us buying and playing our PC games in iTunes-style cross-media marketplaces for the first time since HMV.

Are you happy to see your entertainment habits nudged further together? Or would you like to keep everything in its right place?