Consortium: The Tower might not be dead – new funding plans revealed


Consortium: The Tower was an exciting prospect. The first game was like a mini Deus Ex – an immersive sim made by a small team and with a focus on snappy dialogue and branching paths. The sequel was Interdimensional Games’ attempt to take things up a notch, but unfortunately the Kickstarter came nowhere near its $328,000 (roughly) target.

Our list of upcoming PC games might make you feel better about the Kickstarter cancellation.

In an update posted last week, Interdimensional Games revealed that they were going to attempt to fund the game through Fig, a games-exclusive crowdfunding platform with an advisory board featuring names likeBrian Fargo, Feargus Urquhart and TimSchafer.

“We are excited about Consortium: The Tower being chosen for the Fig platform,” Interdimensional Games CEO Gregory MacMartin said. “The Tower is our dream project with almost a decade of planning and R&D behind it, including our first game Consortium. The folks at Fig have recognized this, and by transitioning our campaign onto their platform Fig Publishing will be able to invite investors to join in realizing our project and participating in its potential success in the market.”

The Fig campaign begins on March 22 and will be looking for $300,000. Anyone who pledged more than $20 on the original Kickstarter will soon receive a link to move their pledge to Fig, which will also get them access to every future Consortium game for free.

“For everyone in the $20 level and higher, you will be receiving an email the moment we launch on Fig that will include a custom URL for you,” says the official release. “Following this URL will take you to directly to our campaign on Fig and allow you to pledge the same amount (this includes all Early Bird pledges) and claim the same rewards. By doing this, you will officially become a Consortium: The Tower Super-Backer, and will be entitled to receive all Consortium Universe games we ever make for free.”

Cheers, PCGamer.