Control will release this summer

Control, the next game from Max Payne studio Remedy, will launch this summer


Remedy, the next game from the developers of Quantum Break and the Max Payne series, will release this summer. That information comes via GameInformer, who revealed the game’s release window earlier today. While we know we’ll get a chance to play the Alan Wake studio’s next project within the next six months or so, there’s no exact Control release date at this point.

In fact, there’s very little new information at all. The only thing that GameInformer was able to tell us was the release season, which, as I pointed out, could mean a release date any time between May and some time in early September.

If, in the midst of all the releases that have come since, you’d forgotten about Control, then let us remind you. First revealed at last year’s E3, it stars a young woman named Jesse Faden, who’s trying to figure out the supernatural goings-on that have plagued her throughout her life. Thankfully, you’ve got a host of world-bending powers at your disposal, which should make that job a lot easier.

We still don’t know all that much about Control, but Remedy says it won’t suffer from the same issues on PC as Quantum Break, and that it’ll feature side-quests and a Metroidvania-style open world.

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While details are scarce for now, the new release window is likely to mean that a bunch more information comes to light over the next few months.