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Control won’t suffer the same Windows 10 launch as Quantum Break

Remedy to make up for Quantum Break with new release Control

Control Nvidia RTX

The Finnish game developer Remedy has said it has high hopes for its upcoming release Control to be as polished as possible for PC gamers. Following the poorly received release of Quantum Break on Windows 10 in early 2016, which saw the game launch with a string of bugs that took Remedy a while to repair. Control, a supernatural third-person shooter which takes place in a single building, promises to make full and effective use of the hardware of its audience.

Remedy’s communications director, Thomas Puha, has stated the company wants to make amends to the community, and wishes to demonstrate to its fan base and new players alike that Remedy is first and foremost a PC gaming studio by creating a game that is graphically and mechanically stunning.

“We announced that we are going to have raytracing support for PC, at least for the people who have the relevant cards” Puha stated in an interview with PC Games Insider. This comes as strong assurance to many gamers, after the widespread criticism that Quantum Break had limited graphical capacity on PCs, as well as poor compatibility with the majority of Nvidia graphics cards.


The announcement comes alongside a promise of better player-choice elements in the studio’s work, too, with Puha stating that “we’re to have the story but in a game that’s a lot more adventurous because we can do that.” It is unknown whether the shift from studio favourites such as Max Payne and Alan Wake will prove smart until Control’s release in 2019.