Control release times – here’s when Remedy’s latest goes live on PC

Take control of when you can start playing

Remedy’s latest officially lands on August 27 in the form of Control, but in our modern era of digital distribution, the real question is not the release date, but the release time. The game launches exclusively on the Epic Games store, and the platform doesn’t yet offer pre-loads or early release time notifications, but luckily Remedy has provided details.

Control launches on August 27 at 3:00 PDT / 6:00 EDT / 11:00 BST, according to Remedy’s official Twitter. It looks like we’re getting a single rollout worldwide, so don’t expect any shenanigans as people look with jealousy at Australia and New Zealand. As with Borderlands 3 next month, you won’t be able to pre-load Control, since Epic does not yet support early downloads.

It looks like you’ll want to make time regardless, as the early verdict on Control is quite good. Phil calls it “a gripping descent into something between alternate history and fever dream” in our Control review, and other critics listed in our score round-up have been similarly high on the game.

When does Control go live?

But what this all really means is that it’s time to start asking about Alan Wake 2 even harder.

If you’re looking to grab Control on other PC distribution services, you can start marking your calendar – just 365 days to go.