Cookie Clicker is coming to Steam, with music by the Minecraft composer

They're putting Cookie Clicker on Steam so it can ruin your life all over again

A typical look at multi-billion cookie-per-second operation in Cookie Clicker

If you were making regular use of the internet in 2013 or so, you probably had an obsessive few weeks with Cookie Clicker. It wasn’t the first of its kind, but it helped establish idle games as a genre, and etched a pretty impressive spot in gaming history. Now it’s coming to Steam with hundreds of upgrades, including music from C418, the composer behind Minecraft.

This upgraded edition launches September 1 for $4.99 USD. (The original was free, and playable in a browser.) On top of the new soundtrack, this version is ad-free, and adds achievements, cloud saves, and Steam Workshop support. Yes, mods – as developer Orteil explains in a blog post, “we’re planning on offering full Workshop support. The Steam version is an electron wrapper around the HTML game so it should be easy to tweak and mess around with regardless!”

If you haven’t played Cookie Clicker, it’s a game about, er… clicking on cookies. And then spending your cookies to buy pointers to automatically click cookies. And then buying grandmas to click more cookies. And then building factories to click more cookies. And then unleashing all the powers of Hell to enact a cookie apocalypse.

It gets weird. It’s a fun time. Check out the trailer below.

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