Cookie Clicker gets full Steam Workshop mod support

The biggest time-ruiner on the internet now has even more ways to ruin people, thanks to other people.

Cookie Clicker mod support is now available via Steam Workshop, of course

One of the most addictive games on Steam, Cookie Clicker now has even more ways to joyously waste people’s time – thanks to the efforts of other people. Yes, developer Orteil has confirmed full Cookie Clicker mod support via Steam Workshop – and there are already many mods of questionable nutritious value to choose from.

Cookie Clicker has always been one of the best idle games around and helped pretty much establish the whole idea as a genre. Despite being around for almost ten years it finally launched on Steam in August this year. Cookie Clicker then quickly established itself as one of the most popular games on Steam.

Developer Orteil just released version 2.043 and it’s a pretty exciting one, as it now adds an infinite amount more ways to happily waste time – thanks to the inclusion of full mod support via Steam Workshop. A quick browse shows 70 mods already available, ranging from small changes to adding entire minigames to play while you’re clicking.

A few notable examples include:

There’s also Orteil’s own Pilk example mod, but they advise you not to install it as “it’s awful”.

The developer says this is probably the last “technical” update and “future updates will revolve around new content and new gameplay features” instead, although they note they may revise the modding tools later “as the community’s needs become clearer”. Like clicking a mandarin instead of a cookie, for example.