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Cooler Master’s new MM710 is the world’s lightest gaming mouse… sorry Finalmouse

Finalmouse has got some serious competition, and from a much lighter rodent

Cooler Master MM710 gaming mouse

Cooler Master has created the world’s lightest mouse, and a serious challenger to the super-popular, honeycombed Finalmouse design. The Cooler Master MM710 and MM711 gaming mice are so obviously inspired by the Ultralight Finalmouse rodents, but the peripheral manufacturer has managed to shed a whole lot of bulk to dip well below the 70g weight of the competition.

The new Cooler Master mice are supposed to ship later this year, with an August/September release window being given at the moment, and are there to capitalise on the gaming world’s obsession with getting the lightest possible mouse available. So you can be like an esports pro, obvs. Cooler Master is targeting a $50 price tag for the new MM710 mouse.

The two mice are more or less identical, with the MM710 shipping first and the MM711 coming a little later as the ubiquitous RGB LED laden version that always seems to be required. Though it seems a little counter-intuitive having an RGB version as that just adds to the weight; when you’re trying to shed every tenth of a gram you can a little extraneous lighting should surely be the first thing lopped off.

But us PC gamers love a bright, multi-coloured lighting display, right? And the RGB version seemingly only adds another 5g to the package, according to NordicHardware. When the non-RGB MM710 weighs in at 52g and the lit MM711 version tips the scales at 57g there’s really not much in it. And whether the mouse shines in the dark or not, both the new holy mice are far lighter than the 70g Finalmouse.

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Both mice share the same Pixart 3389 optical sensor, sporting a healthy max DPI setting of 32,000DPI – apparently a bit sharper than the sensor in the Finalmouse.

Finalmouse Ultralight Pro

Lightweight mice are all well and good if you crave the ultra high-speed twitch response necessary for a fast-paced competitive shooter, but not all PC gamers are going to need something that floaty.

And there’s also going to be a whole lot of skin, hair, and general grint finding its way into the inner-workings of your holy mouse over its gaming life. Gross. Personally I’m a little unsure of how this sort of honeycomb mouse is really going to fare over the long term.

But if you absolutely gots to have the lightest gaming mouse possible then Cooler Master has got your back. Or will have when it launches later this year.

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