Cooler Master’s controller-like gaming keyboard is up to 32% cheaper

Can this keyboard replace your controller?

Is it time to chuck away your best PC controller? No, but Cooler Master's MK850 gaming keyboard offers an innovative compromise that might change your weapon of choice for playing some games. Cooler Master has what it calls “Aimpad” technology, which consists of IR sensors on the QWER and ASDF keys that register each key press as if they were analogue sticks on a controller. You can already see the benefits in games, letting you adjust your walking speed or throttle control when behind the wheel of a car.

Even Ignoring this feature, it still has all the hallmarks of one of the best gaming keyboards you can buy, with linear Cherry Red switches, dedicated media controls, all-essential RGB backlighting, and an aluminum frame that should withstand years of you hammering away at the board.

It's discounted 30% ($70) in the US, bringing the keyboard down to $159.98 from $229.99, while customers across the pond can enjoy 32% (£67) off, with a price of £142.78 compared to its £209.99 MSRP.

There’s a reason why it’s definitely not worth chucking your gamepad in the bin just yet, however. Not all games can handle two inputs simultaneously, such as Rainbow Six Siege, and since Aimpad emulates an Xbox controller within a keyboard, we’ve found that these games don’t work with the feature. Fortunately, it can be disabled for any games that don’t play ball.

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It worked great in GTA 5 though – giving you the superior aim when combined with the best gaming mouse, while still allowing that precise control of the throttle and steering when driving. It’s perhaps the perfect combination for the hectic world of GTA Online, we think…

This deal won’t be around forever though, there’s only 20 left in stock on Amazon US. If you’re interested, get yourself over to the Amazon page.