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Cooler Master is giving away a free gaming monitor with this PSU

You can snag a free 27-inch GM27-CFX gaming monitor if you pre-order Cooler Master's new X Silent Edge Platinum 850 fanless power supply.

We’re used to hardware companies bundling extra goodies for buyers of their wares but, at least in terms of size, this has to be one of the most out of proportion yet. Yes, if you buy this 850W power supply from Cooler Master you’ll get a free 27-inch gaming monitor thrown in for free.

The new Cooler Master offer isn’t without sense, though, as its new X Silent Edge Platinum 850 (fanless) PSU is a premium product that’s nearly twice the price of the monitor with which it’s being bundled, putting it firmly in potential best power supply territory.

As its name suggests, the X Silent Edge Platinum 850 (fanless) relies entirely on its immense (up to 92%) efficiency to reduce heat output in the first place, and any heat generated is dissipated through passive cooling. It’s far from the first power supply to go fanless, but with a hefty peak 850W rating, it’s certainly among the most powerful.

The X Silent uses a heatpipe to wick heat away from its main components and towards the thick, ridged out aluminum frame of the PSU. Inside, there are also huge aluminum heatsinks and a host of clever components to help make for an efficient supply. The PSU also ships with 90-degree 12V-2×6 connectors to potentially make for a clean-looking build.

As for that free gaming monitor you’ll be getting, the GM27-CFX is a fairly basic model, with a 27-inch screen size and 1080p resolution. However, it can run all the way up to 240Hz and boasts a 3,000:1 contrast ratio thanks to its VA LCD panel. As this screen normally retails for around $200-$250, it’s a great free gift for anyone buying a $399 power supply.

What’s more, that’s not even everything you get in this bundle. You also get a 90-degree 24-pin ATX cable adapter and an M.2 SSD thermal pad. The latter is a little weird to add for a PSU giveaway, but we guess that’s just the vibe Cooler Master is going for with this offer.

All you have to do to take advantage of this offer is pre-order the new power supply and hope that stock of the extra gifts doesn’t run out, as it’s a first come, first served offer. Currently, Cooler Master isn’t making it clear which regions can get the offer, with us only able to currently find UK pricing, but you can click the link to find out.

If $400 is too much for you to spend just to get a free screen with your PSU, check out our best gaming monitor guide to find the best displays you can get for less money.