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Cooler Master Sneaker X gaming PC launch kicks off later this year

You'll be able to boot up your very own Cooler Master Sneaker X system with the latest and greatest CPU and GPU models of today when it launches in March 2023

Cooler Master Sneaker X gaming PC launch kicks off later this year: a gaming PC built inside of a big red shoes, with a blue light fan spinning in the middle of its side

When the Cooler Master Sneaker X first appeared on the scene, then known as the one of a kind ‘Sneaker Mod’, I doubt anyone suspected it would see a commercial release. Surprisingly, however, you’ll soon be able to grab your very own shiny shoe of a system that should allow you to kick back with just about any game thanks to its high specs.

While the Sneaker X will be sold as a prebuilt PC, it’s fully upgradeable providing you have the right hardware to shoehorn inside of it. This means you’ll be able to slot in the best gaming CPU and more for years to come, allowing you to kick back and run your favourite games of today and the future.

Cooler Master is yet to confirm what hardware configurations the Sneaker X will be available with, but those hoping the RTX 4090 graphics cards to be a shoo-in will be disappointed. Its compact form factor means that it can only handle 2.5-slot pixel pushers at most, with other constraints including ITX motherboards and SFX PSUs to boot.

The Sneaker X will be available via the CMODX website from March 2023, following a delay from its initial announcement back in 2022.