Core Keeper update bringing some free Christmas cheer to crafting game

A free Core Keeper update celebrating the festive season is on the way, as a Christmas Event will add new content to the crafting game for a short time

Core Keeper update bringing some free Christmas cheer to crafting game: a group of three sit in front of a fire at a dinner table, sharing a large roast, vegetables, and celebrating the holidays

A brand new Core Keeper update is coming to the Steam crafting game just in time for the holidays, and bringing with it three weeks of free Christmas-themed content for you and your friends in the multiplayer game. The base building has been out on Steam for some time, with previous updates, like the recent Core Keeper Desert of Beginnings, also adding a slew of new content to the game.

Core Keeper’s Christmas Event is running from December 13 to January 5, and it’s filled to the brim with free content. A new Christmas Workbench lets you craft things like Xmas lights, presents, and festive furniture for your base, alongside snowmen, Christmas trees, and new outfits and accessories, too.

The Core Keeper Steam update is also set to impact enemies, too, with the Seasonal Merchant, snowballs, and fireworks also available in the survival game.

“Core Keeper’s Christmas Event is our most expansive seasonal event yet, with a huge range of festive content for players to discover throughout the holiday season,” says Pugstorm CEO Fredrik Präntare. “As we expand our Early Access roadmap, we are thrilled to be able to continue to deliver free content to all of our 1 million+ players, and build Core Keeper into an even bigger and better game than we ever imagined.

“We hope our community enjoys the Christmas event and is looking forward to more exciting content to come in 2023.”

Core Keeper’s Steam success has been well documented, as it hit over half a million Steam players in the weeks after launch. While this has levelled off significantly, each free update has seen a significant boost in active players, so I’d expect this Core Keeper Christmas Event to continue to revitalise and introduce new players to the game.

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