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Corpse of Discovery is a survival game about work, family and exploring alien worlds


I’ve used work as an excuse to get out of countless familial and social obligations because I’m a pretty crappy human being (it’s okay, they know this already), but I am aware that some people actually want to spend more time with their families. 

Corpse of Discovery’s lonely protagonist is one such person.

He’s an explorer of worlds, far from home and his family, travelling from one procedurally generated planet to the next, studying them, mapping them, all the while trying to survive and make it home.

Creative director Chip Sineni wanted to explore the conflict and challenge of creating a balance between work and family, inspired by his own struggle to strike that balance. Sineni has even incorporated his family into the game, through voice overs, so he could spend more time with them while also creating Corpse of Discovery.

It’s a game about sacrifice, developer Phosphor Games say, wrapped up in an intergalactic mystery.

Put the debut trailer in your eyes.