Corsair AIO cooler refresh brings fan upgrades and more

The Corsair iCue Elite Capellix XT and LCD XT AIO coolers will now come with the company's new and improved AF RGB Elite fans and improved thermal paste.

The Corsair iCue Elite LCD XT cooler in black (top left) and white (bottom right), against a yellow background

Whatever size and spec you opt for, picking up a Corsair AIO cooler for your system is one of the easiest ways to reduce your processor’s temperatures and even add some extra RGB flair to your PC. Now, the company is refreshing two of its models with its best PC fans and several other improvements.

While the Corsair iCue Elite Capellix XT and LCD XT are already prime candidates for the best AIO cooler you can buy today, they’re set to get better with the introduction of the company’s AF RGB Elite fans. Naturally, they feature all the bells and whistles you expect, including PWM-controlled speeds, eight addressable RGB LEDs, a Zero RPM mode for silent operation, and Corsair AirGuide technology.

Both coolers also come pre-applied with Corsair XTM70 premium thermal paste, which should offer improved thermal performance compared to the previous solution. You won’t have to worry about any compatibility issues with the best gaming CPU models of today either, as they each come with brackets that natively support both LGA1700 and AM5 sockets.

You’ll need to fork over a sizeable bit of cash to get your hands on either model, however. Prices for the Corsair iCue Elite LCD XT start at $259.99 USD / £279.99 GBP, but the Capellix commands a much lower cost of $179.99 USD / £189.99 GBP.