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Save $35 on this white mini gaming keyboard from Corsair

The Corsair K65 RGB Mini has a 60% layout and comes with Cherry MX Speed linear gaming switches and durable PBT double-shot keycaps.

Corsair K65 RGB Mini wired deal

If you’re tight for real estate on your desktop, but don’t want to sacrifice style, we’ve found a great mini gaming keyboard deal to solve all your problems. The Corsair K65 RGB will slot nicely into any white gaming PC setup, and despite its 60% layout, it still has everything you need from your gaming keyboard.

Like many of the best mini keyboards, the Corsair K56 RGB doesn’t allow its smaller footprint to impact performance. In our K65 RGB review, we called it “a stunning 60% gaming keyboard” only noting the high price as a potential issue. Well, thanks to this deal, there’s no reason to avoid it any longer.

Best Buy is currently selling the Corsair K65 RGB for $74.99, this is a $35 saving over its $109.99 MSRP. By comparison, the Razer Huntsman Mini is also currently on sale, but the discount isn’t as deep, and for the linear version of the keyboard, you’re still paying over $100.

Where the Corsair K65 RGB wins out vs a keyboard like the Huntsman Mini is its clearer South-facing secondary inputs. Due to the size of the keyboard, many keys are missing compared to a full-size alternative. This results in many functions becoming secondary actions for other keys. These actions are inscribed on the keyboard via South-facing icons which are clear and easy to identify.

If you need to quickly mute your audio, you hit FN + I, or if you need to enable the Windows key lock, you hit FN + Win. Almost every key has a secondary action and each one is marked clearly. Using iCUE, you can create more secondary inputs as well as customize the existing ones if you have other actions you would prefer to be available.

The choice of switches here is also ideal, as the Cherry MX Speed is designed for gaming with its more sensitive actuation distance, lower overall travel distance, and smooth activation, removing any tactile feel that could become distracting or create unwanted noise.

If this deal sells out, you can head to Amazon and grab a Corsair K65 RGB from the renewed store for as low as $39.90. Bear in mind these boards may have some wear and tear having been used or repaired previously. Amazon offers a “Renewed Guarantee” which will cover your purchase for up to one year for returns and repairs.

Once you have purchased your shiny new keyboard, it’s time to match it up with the best gaming mouse and best gaming headset to ensure your gear is ready for whatever you throw at it.