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These are the Corsair iCUE Link fans you should buy

With more RGB than its entry level RX fans but a much lower price than its high-end QX fans, the new LX RGB Series are the Goldilocks of Corsair case fans.

Corsair has just launched its LX RGB Series of iCUE Link PC case fans, and they’re easily the most tempting yet of the company’s range of single-cable fans. The new Corsair fans provide an ideal balance of RGB dazzle and affordability, bringing the possibility of a stunning gaming PC build within reach of more buyers.

Corsair has previously launched its QX RGB and RX RGB iCUE Link fans, with both making a compelling case for a place on our best PC case fan guide. However, the QX RGB is quite expensive and the RX RGB is aimed at high performance rather than silence and has very basic RGB. The LX RGB should, then, be the ideal balance with more RGB than the RX, a lower price than the QX, and what should be quiet performance.

Specifically, the LX RGB Series has 18 RGB fans packed into its blades and frame, making for an impressive light show. That compares to just 8 for the RX RGB and 34 for the QX RGB. They’re also available in both black and white frames so can easily match the two most popular case color options in use today.

As for performance, the QX RGB is rated to just 63.1cfm while the new LX RGB can push up to 69.9cfm, so offers a higher maximum airflow despite having a lower price. That’s for the 120mm versions but 140mm versions are available too and the LX RGB is still slightly ahead (84.7cfm versus 82.5cfm).

When it comes to pricing, the LX RGB are $39.99 each for the 120mm versions, which is still quite premium for a fan. However, this compares to an eye-watering $49.99 each for the QX RGB while the RX RGB only saves you $5 per fan with a price each of $34.99.

Meanwhile, iCUE Link is Corsair’s solution for daisy-chaining multiple fans together using just one cable to attach several fans to one fan controller. We’ve seen loads of other companies adopt variations on these systems in recent years but Corsair was one of the first. The fans just magnetically attach to each other making for a really easy installation. These systems do make the fans more expensive, though.

The new Corsair LX RGB Series fans are available now via the Corsair website as well as other retailers, such as Amazon.

If you fancy the idea of building out your system with some iCUE Link fans but aren’t sure how best to install your fans, check out our how to build a gaming PC guide which explains how to fit fans to your case.