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Save $40 on this Corsair M75 Wireless gaming mouse, if you’re quick

This Amazon gaming mouse deal enables you to save 31% on the price of this classy RGB rodent, with a 26K sensor and 2kHz polling rate.

Corsair M75 Wireless gaming mouse deal

If you’re sick of your mouse cable snagging on the bits and pieces on your desk when you’re mid-game, but you’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to jump to the wonderful world of wireless, then here’s a great chance to bag a decent wireless gaming mouse and save a lot of money. The Corsair M75 Wireless currently has $40 off its price in this limited-time Amazon wireless gaming mouse deal, meaning you can pick up this top-line rodent for just $89.99.

In our Corsair M75 Wireless review, we praised this mouse’s incredible battery life, responsiveness, and comfortable design for both left and right-handed gamers. Our main criticism, which kept this Corsair peripheral off our guide to the best gaming mouse, was that the price was too high, and that problem has just been solved in one fell swoop with this Amazon deal.

The M75 Wireless is available in black and white, with both models having a classy appearance with a dash of subtle RGB lighting across the bottom. However, it’s only the black model that’s available for $89.99 (or £89.99 in the UK) in this deal right now, with the white version going for a slightly higher price of $94.99. That’s still a decent saving over the usual $129.99 MSRP, though.

In our tests, we found that the M75 Wireless works really well in a palm grip, feeling comfortable in your hand without any sharp angles digging into you, but we found it worked well in all other grip styles as well. We found the side buttons were also perfectly placed for easy reach with a natural grip.

Like most of today’s optical gaming mice, it’s super-responsive in games too, with its 26,000dpi Corsair Marksman sensor going well beyond the spec you need for gaming. Its 2kHz slipstream wireless polling rate ensures that your position and clicks are being accurately reported, and it has a solid 1kHz polling rate over wired and Bluetooth connections as well.

However, while Corsair touts the M75 Wireless as a “lightweight” model, its 89g weight isn’t that light compared to many of the latest genuinely lightweight models, which can push beyond the sub-60g mark these days. We didn’t find the M75 Wireless’ weight was a problem in our testing, but you do notice the change if you’re used to using a much lighter mouse.

If the Corsair M75 Wireless isn’t quite right for your needs, check out our guide to the best wireless gaming mouse, where we take you through all the best options at a range of prices.