Costume Quest 2 launches today, pitting time-travelling scamps against an evil dentist from the future

Costume Quest 2

The last time I checked, Double Fine’s Halloween-themed Costume Quest 2 was set to launch some time in October, but what day it would pop into existence wasn’t clear. It turns out that day is today, October 7th. 

You can now reacquaint yourselves with the precocious duo of Wren and Reynold as they once again attempt to save Halloween, but this time in the future. Expect time travel, evil dentists and costumes that are more than meets the eye. 

The original Costume Quest sits unfinished in my own personal Phantom Zone of discarded games. The central conceit, that the terrible DIY costumes that kids might wear on the night of candy and spooks are actually wonderful things when fueled by the power of imagination with charming, but the extremely repetitive JRPG-lite combat with overly-long scenes being repeated over and over again left me exhausted.

Costume Quest 2 promises “gameplay improvements” that “double the amount of mischievous fun” and I confess that I’m a sucker for a time-travelling adventure. Seasonal games are something of a novelty as well, so I find myself tempted to give the series another shot.