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Double Fine’s Costume Quest gets a cartoon from the Adventure Time studio

The Costume Quest cartoon launches in a few weeks - here's a trailer

Double Fine games are loved most of all for their childlike whimsy and imaginative settings – so it’s about time we got a cartoon based on one. A Costume Quest animated series has been in the works for ages, and it looks like it’s finally about to launch. We’ve got a new trailer showcasing what to expect from the series.

The series doesn’t appear follow the games especially closely, but that’s probably okay. It’s got kids fighting monsters through the superpower of imaginative Halloween costumes, and that’s what really matters. Four kids – Wren, Reynold, Everett, and Lucy – don their homemade costumes to defend the town of Auburn Hollow from monsters on Halloween night.

The series comes courtesy of Frederator Studios, which has co-produced Adventure Time, Castlevania, and dozens more series that you’ll probably recognise. Patrick McHale, a creative director on Adventure Time and creator of the excellent Over the Garden Wall miniseries, has been attached as a director on Costume Quest for many previous announcements, but it’s unclear if his work on the show remains after all these years.

Regardless of the production credits, the trailer looks pretty good.

Costume Quest hits Amazon Prime on March 8.

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If Costume Quest pans out after Castlevania’s success, we might be heading toward an unprecedented run of solid videogame adaptations. After all these years, I’m not sure I’m prepared for this bright new future.