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Counter-Strike 2 might be getting pets, and new hairstyles

If you're getting bored of your skins in Counter Strike 2, don't worry, there could be new key chains, pets, and operator cosmetics coming.

three operators looking down the sights of their guns

If there’s one thing Counter-Strike 2 players love, it’s skins and cosmetics. Since all the weapons are acquired during the matches, you need some way to differentiate yourself from the rabble. A new datamine by popular Valve creator Gabe Follower has potentially unearthed some new goodies that players may soon be able to enjoy: key chains, pets, and maybe even new hairstyle and heads for operators. There’s also some new information about comics, maps, and animations.

Likely the most important news for Counter-Strike 2 players is the potential addition of key chains, pets, and new operator cosmetics, the latter of which could potentially include new hairstyles and completely new heads. Six of the keychains that Gabe Follower claims could be added to the FPS game are named: AK47, banana, bloodhound, grenade, plasmaball, and sugarskull. If the datamine is correct, these would all move and shake independently of the weapon they’re attached to. Honestly something jiggling on my barrel would just distract me, but I’m not a pro, so what do I know?

The datamine apparently also uncovered a suspicious number of animations for chickens. Players will be able to pick them up, pat them, and squeeze them. It is believed the chicken is just a placeholder for pets to be added to the game, making these animations just trials. It’s unclear if the pets would follow you around the map – something I think could give away your position – or if they’d just exist for maximum snuggling.

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But where will you get to show off all these new goodies? In new maps, of course. The datamine has supposedly uncovered several new maps that could be added to Counter-Strike 2 in the near future – they even have Steam workshop pages. The possible new maps are: Thera, Memento, Assembly, Pool Day, and Mills. These look like a Greek village, an Italian costal village, an aircraft hanger, a gym pool, and Dutch countryside with windmills, respectively.

The datamine also includes a new font that could be used in upcoming comics, new hair or heads for operators, and new procedural speech and mouth animations. While the comic font seems fairly likely for Counter-Strike 2, the rest could all be for other games.

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