Counter-Strike 2 release date speculation, skins, news, and leaks

The Counter-Strike 2 release date is reportedly on the way, so here’s everything you need to know about the game including skins, news, and leaks.

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Rumours about the Counter-Strike 2 release date – and the game itself – are rampant, spurred by recent leaks claiming the game exists and is in development. While usually this would need to be taken with a huge pinch of salt, there are a number of reasons to believe these Counter-Strike 2 leaks are credible.

CSGO may be considered among the best PC games for some, but it is a decade old now, and there haven’t been any significant updates for a while. Is this because they’ve been working on Counter-Strike 2 to try and take the crown of the best FPS games? Quite possibly, if these leaks are to be believed. Here’s everything we know about the Counter-Strike 2 release date, leaks, skins, news, and more.

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Counter-Strike 2 release date speculation

If the recent leaks are to be believed, the Counter-Strike 2 release date could come as soon as April 1.

Rumors of a CSGO Source 2 port are picking up steam, spurred by an Nvidia driver update, and a recent report has cited insider sources suggesting that Counter-Strike 2 could release in March or April, that the game has been in development for a while now, and even that Valve has flown CSGO streamers to their headquarters in Seattle to test the game.

Executable files in the Nvidia driver suggest that early testing has wrapped up, and a closed beta outside Valve HQ has already begun. If that’s the case, the next step is an open beta, which is reportedly slated for March or very early April.

Counter-Strike 2 news

On March 1, dataminers found support files for CSGO2 and CS2 in the Nvidia driver, fueling the rumours. Later, the news that Counter-Strike 2 is underway was revealed. However, Gabe Follower’s findings suggest Valve is working on the good old Source 2 port, not a new game.

Gabe Follower dug a bit deeper into the CSGO spaghetti code and discovered that the upcoming game is under the same ID as the current CSGO – 730. This means that even if it’s a different version, it’d open with the same button on Steam as CSGO. Instead of being a separate game, Valve may just roll out a new version and merge it with CSGO later, just like it did with DOTA 2 Reborn.

Counter-Strike 2 may also feature a much-loved third-party CSGO tool that allows players to bind the jump and throw actions to one key, known as the jumpthrow bind. If true, players won’t have to enter the in-game console every time.

Counter-Strike 2 release date: The "730" ID found as the SteamApp ID for Counter-Strike 2.

Counter-Strike 2 skins and market

Ever since the initial whispers of Source 2 surfaced, players have asked the same question: what will become of their treasured skins? CSGO data miners attributed the Source 2 delay to the lucrative market, impossible to dissolve and a challenge to transfer to the new engine. Heaps of skin data worth millions of dollars exist, so it’s natural for skin collectors to be concerned.

But leakers are confident that skins would be safe in Counter-Strike 2 and that they’ll actually be better than before. Quality of life and visual changes with the Source 2 port will also be realised on in-game cosmetics, meaning shinier skins with defined wear. If the merger materializes, CSGO players could sell out their OG skins for double the amount. In any case, skins should be safe if Counter-Strike 2 is just a Source 2 port.

Counter-Strike 2 rumours

CSGO players’ exodus to FACEIT is concerning. Only a tiny percentage of players take the official matchmaking seriously. It’d be Valve’s primary concern to retain the player within the official game while creating Counter-Strike 2.

Leaks state the new rendition would make third-party pugging services unnecessary. The only reason players prefer FACEIT or ESEA is for their kernel-level anti-cheat 128 server tick rate, something official matchmaking lacks.

Counter-Strike 2 should put an end to the decade-old cheating problem as the new game would likely have Ring 3 anti-cheat, the same as Valorant. While it may strike some CSGO players as overly intrusive, the kernel’s potential to curb cheating within the game is indisputable. Currently, VAC only monitors cheats within the game’s engine, which is clearly not working too well. Valve should introduce a kernel anti-cheat for CSGO, similar to the successful system used by FACEIT, to eradicate cheaters at the grassroots level.

Server tick rate is another reason that makes FACEIT a much more attractive option. Currently, CSGO plays at 64 tick, which is not viable at a higher level of competition. According to the leaks, Counter-Strike 2 would have 128 servers, like its rival Valorant. There are also some rumours that Counter-Strike 2 will have “tickless” servers.

Besides the two highly-requested features, a Source 2 port would drastically change the quality of life. Grass would be greener and the sky brighter. And while all of it sounds great, these changes will require the best gaming PC to maximise performance.

Reports say Counter-Strike 2 is just around the corner, so we should have factual information in the next few weeks. Until then, make sure you check out our guide to the CSGO ranks if you need to improve your competitive forte. Alternatively, we also have a list of the best free PC games if you fancy playing something else.