Counter-Strike: Global offensive release date set for August 21st. Will cost $15


Terrorists, Counter-Terrorists, and those on the fence on the whole thing: do you want somewhere to vent those frustrations at the other team? From the 21st of August you’ll be able to in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Excited? How about it if I tell you it’s $15. Yeah, that got you. I’ve been in the newest Counter-Strike since the first open beta: it’s definitely worth such a pittance, and it’s comforting to know that Valve aren’t entirely shifting to the free-to-play model. CS: Go never felt like it would be, in my experience with it.

The basic Counter-Strike model has continually being reworked by Valve in conjunction with the community, both professional and amateur, so it feels like the classic shooter. But they’re adding to it as well: I can’t stop playing Arms Race, which is a sort of reworked deathmatch with continually changing weapons. It’s very in-CS. With all the feedback they’re working with, Valve have been coy about when it would come out, but they must be confident about being able to finally place it in our hands.