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CS:GO fan gives the FPS game’s Aztec map an impressive “Ancient-style” rework

Aztec gets a makeover in the style of the new Operation Broken Fang Ancient map

CS;GO's Aztec map, with ancient stonework, a crumbling bridge, and an armed character shooting aiming a rifle into the distance

A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fan has given players a way to tackle one of the FPS game’s fan-favourite maps with a whole new twist, through a custom creation that gives it the flavour of another map entirely. Creator and CS:GO fan Henge has posted a new mod that reworks the Aztec bomb defusal map to give it an “Ancient-style” design.

“Here is de_aztec in Ancient style,” the modder says, explaining: “I wanted to give the Aztec veterans a chance to play their loved map in a new beauty design.” As you can see in the before-and-after-style clip below, the transformation is pretty incredible. The blueprint of Aztec is still very much there, and it doesn’t look like fans of the map will find it especially different to navigate – but, its whole aesthetic is given a new flavour, styled after the map introduced in last year’s CS:GO Operation Broken Fang.

The map’s brickwork is chunkier, more ornate, and given a more realistic, ramshackle look (well, they are ruins of an ancient site, after all). Plus, some new details – like additional structures and tall trees – are added, and the whole effect is pretty darn gorgeous.

Check Henge’s rework out for yourself below:

YouTube Thumbnail

While the two bomb defusal maps have some crossovers and similarities anyway, they are distinct – but, if you love the look of the more modern Ancient map, you can now bring it to the ol’ fan-favourite Aztec. Grab the custom map from the CS:GO Steam Workshop here if you’re keen to give it a whirl (mod with caution, as ever), and be sure to check out our CS:GO tips and CS:GO smokes guides while you’re here, too.