CSGO fans are calling on the “caster curse” to make a big game update happen

Counter-Strike fans really, really want to see a big update for the game, and soon

Head to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive updates page on the FPS game’s site and you’ll see that major patches and gameplay tweaks have been a little few-and-far-between of late. It appears the CS:GO community is keen to see a big update hit the game, and soon, and has now decided to try and make this happen using a novel approach – by invoking the “caster curse”.

User Night_Not_Day has posted on the multiplayer game’s subreddit: “Nothing is stronger than the caster curse. Everyone knows”, as part of a call for CS:GO Intel Extreme Masters casters to say the game won’t be getting a big update any time soon, on-air. The reasoning behind this idea being, “if the casters assume something, the opposite happens most of the time. This is a well known and widely accepted fact”, the user jokes in the post. “If they say [there won’t be an update soon] it is almost guaranteed that the update is right around the corner.”

As the user reflects in the post, this has gained some traction in the community and the call has been a pretty big success so far. As you can see below, during an IEM stream yesterday casters Alex Richardson and Chad Burchill joined in the fun, saying these powerful words.

“With great power comes great responsibility,” Richardson jokes in the livestream, citing the Reddit post. “So I think I can speak for everyone here when I state that we’re definitely not getting an update, right?”. Burchill replies with the post’s phrasing word-for-word: “There is no chance we will get a CS:GO update anytime soon”, before Richardson goes on to joke that it’s “100% not the big day on Tuesday”. Powerful stuff.

Whether the mighty CS:GO overlords have heard the community’s cry and will deliver a big game update anytime soon is unclear, but those keen to see one can but hope the “caster curse” has done its work.

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