Now’s your last chance to play CS:GO Operation Broken Fang

This is the last week of Operation Broken Fang

Time is running out for the current Counter-Strike: Global Offensive operation. Having kicked off in early December last year, Operation Broken Fang is now in its final week, which means you’ve got just a few days left to wrap up everything you’ve got left to complete.

As was announced with its arrival late last year, the CS:GO Operation Broken Fang end date is April 30 – so, you can carry on getting stuck in until this coming Friday. While the rollout of the op’s 16 weekly missions is now complete, if you’re an operation pass holder and have got any left to finish up – and, as a result, any stars left to scoop to spend on in-game rewards – you’ve got until then to do so.

These prizes include a bunch of new ‘SWAT’ and ‘The Professionals’ agents that you can use in any map, a new weapon case featuring 17 community-designed skins and some other bits, three weapon collections (Ancient, Control, and Havoc), and some other in-game cosmetics.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re able to earn 100 stars by finishing up the operation’s missions by the end date, you’ll be able to upgrade your Operation Broken Fang coin to the highest tier, Diamond. If you didn’t pick up the premium pass until a little later on, but still completed missions during that time, Valve says “you will be given credit for any missions you have previously completed and any progress toward upgrading your operation coin”.

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There’s no sign yet of what might be next for CS:GO, and given how infrequent they are, it’ll probably be a long while before we find out what the next op will be. In the meantime, though, you’ve got the better part of a week to get wrapped up with Broken Fang, and we’ve got some CS:GO tips and CS:GO smokes pointers that are good to know anytime.