Face tracking technology and Twitch means dogs playing videogames and a lot of memes

doge streamer CS:GO

Twitch streamers having a face-cam to compliment their gameplay is nothing new; it’s part and parcel of most popular streams. With the evolution of webcams and facial tracking software, certain streamers have chosen to go that little bit further, by streaming as a dog.

Here are some other PC shooters you could stream playing as a dog.

So, rather than seeing a human gurn and gesticulate through a Twitch broadcast, these streamers use select facial tracking programs to map their head movements onto a 3D model of the “doge” meme. This results in seeing streams where a shiba inu dances along to “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”, while defusing a bomb on Counter Strike.

Watching one of these streams is certainly an experience, especially if you watch a dedicated “doge” streamer like Theonemanny. His main gag is playing CS:GO, while acting as ridiculous as possible, blindsiding viewers with musical numbers and specially made screen transitions. It’s a feat of endurance for both the streamer and the viewer, as the torrent of memes and randomness requires some stamina to get through.

If you are looking to be completely dumbfounded, watch one of Theonemanny’s VoDs a watch as I swear, you will come out of the other end a different person. There is a whole world of these facial tracking streams, with people roleplaying as specific characters from different games but that is a whole brand of eccentricity for a whole other day.