Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pros tussle over $250,000 at DreamHack Winter


Sixteen teams have made it to DreamHack’s bi-annual Jönköping shindig today, by train and by plane. The next leg of their journey is the harder, though, through group matches and playoffs towards a slice of a $250,000 prize pool.

All sixteen squads will be playing today during the group stage, and you can watch all of their matches on GOTV or Twitch. Link a Steam account and you might wind up with a CS:GO souvenir package for your post-viewing pleasure.

The souvenir packages feature a weapon from the collection of the map the pros are playing on, and three pre-applied stickers – one for DreamHack, and one each for the two competing teams.

The stickers actually double as game pieces in Valve’s DreamHack 2014 Pick’em Challenge – a betting game in the established tradition of Dota 2, which sees viewers rewarded with points and trophies for correctly predicting match winners throughout the tournament. A portion of the studio’s sticker proceeds go to the teams playing in Jönköping this week.

Team-specific stickers can be purchased individually too, or in the DreamHack 2014 Legends capsule – which contains holographic and foil versions of the Legends’ stickers.

Have you been helping to fund CS mapmakers through Operation Vanguard lately?