Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to be integrated into capture/editing service

ESL One Katowice

It’s a busy day for CS:GO news. No sooner had I digested the notion that I may soon walk the streets in a shirt bearing my favourite weapon skin than the announcement came from video capture/editing/sharing company that they’re integrating the competitive multiplayer shooter into their platform.

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Essentially what the service offers is a streamlined, handy way to capture and broadcast in-game content, as the presser below explains:

– Automatic identification of key in-game events including kills/multikills, headshots, killstreaks, deaths, bomb plants, bomb defuses, hostage rescues, and more

– Automatic tagging of other game info, such as the map, match and round

– Choose multiple bookmarked moments on the video timeline to instantly create highlight reels from entire matches

– The ability to link Steam friends lists to your account for easy discovery and tagging when a friend joins or posts a new clip

CS:GO’s integration into the platform follows’s existing League of Legends functionality, and is apparently “the only gameplay recording software to utilize live game data to automatically identify and bookmark key in-game moments while you play.” So it spies on your game data to figure out which are the important bits. Cool.

Future updates promise to expand both the functionality of its current supported games, and expand that game library.

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