CS:GO is currently 100 times more popular than Call of Duty on Steam


That got your attention, didn’t it? Yup, turns out Counter Strike: Global Offensive has a hundred times as many Steam users as the most popular COD on the platform. Turns out you really can’t keep a good terrorist-kiboshing force down.

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A quick look at Steam’s stats page shows you a hundred of the most played PC games over the last 48 hours, with Valve monitoring each title’s concurrent users, then grading them in an easily digestible table. And who doesn’t love an easily digestible table?

Anyhoo, at time of writing CS:GO had 281,155 players all merrily shooting each other in the face (down from a peak earlier in the day of 647,556). Meanwhile, plucky little underdog Call of Duty: Black Ops II’s multiplayer could only muster 2,880 concurrent users (down from a high of 6,534).

Still, it’s unlikely to keep Kotick and co up at night – particularly when Black Ops III launches next week and goes on to sell enough copies to reach from here to Saturn. Also, BLOPS III’s new Zombies mode has Jeff friggin’ Goldblum in it. Eat that, CS: GO and your vastly superior number of concurrent Steam users.