Cache, Dust2, Mirage and Overpass get game altering weather in new CS:GO mod

CS:GO weather mod

If you find CS:GO too predictable these days, there’s a new mod that’ll spice things up with a host of weather types on a range of maps. With 10 different possibilities, the mod chooses one at random at the start of a match, reducing visibility with sandstorms, or perhaps extinguishing molotovs with heavy rain.

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The Changing Weather mod is available for Dust2,Cache, Mirage and Overpass, and has been in the making for four years.

“I’ve been playing Counter-Strike since 2005,” co-creator Luke Millanta told Eurogamer. “In August I came up with the idea for adding changing weather conditions into CS:GO. I knew I needed a partner as I only had a small amount of time to work on the project and knew that my mapping skills were not as advanced as others.”

That’s why he teamed up withLewis Palfrey, a modder known for his work on both CS:GO and the GoldenEye: Source mod scene. Once the two partnered up, the vision soon began to materialise.

As I mentioned, it’s not just a visual mod. Though it does add visual variety, with cool little touches like rain collecting into puddles, it’s also supposed to affect gameplay to some extent.

“When raining it is harder to both hear enemies approaching and to see without the aid of a sniper rifle,” Millanta explained. “This means that while your enemy may have an advantage while AWPing [using the Arctic Warfare Magnum sniper rifle], it is easier for those stealthy players to sneak up on said AWPers.”

During sandstorms players will be forced to close the distance and take the enemy on at close-range.

Here’s a list of the features from Steam Workshop:

  • Thunderstorm (heavy rain, low visibility, puddles, frequent lightning, storm clouds)
  • Heavy rain (heavy rain, medium visibility, puddles, occasional lightning, storm clouds)
  • Light rain (light rain, normal visibility, puddles, no lightning, storm clouds)
  • Heavy sandstorm (low visibility, dust in atmosphere, sandstorm sky)
  • Medium sandstorm (medium visibility, dust in atmosphere, sandstorm sky)
  • Light sandstorm (good visibility, sandstorm sky)
  • Heavy fog (low visibility, overcast sky)
  • Light fog (medium visibility, overcast sky)
  • After Rain (normal environment with puddles)
  • Default (everything normal)
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