Pro CS:GO players vow not to misuse a jumping bug, despite being allowed


Counter-Striker: Global Offensive esports have been taken by storm with crouch-jumping, an unintended mechanic that allows players to peek over cover without their character model being visible. It’s been a little controversial, but some tournaments have said it’s fine to use. 

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Not just any tournaments, either. The bug has been ruled legal at the PGL Krakow Major. That means we could see games where both teams are turtling behind cover, hopping up and down like naughty bunnies, trying to get the drop on the enemy.

Despite it being ruled as legal, some teams are vowing to not use it. Here’s what FaZe had to say about crouch-jumping:

Some other players aren’t so keen, however:

It remains to be seen whether any gentlemen’s agreement is honoured when the bullets start flying.

Cheers, HLTV.