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New fan-made CS:GO training map helps you nail your aim and movement

The DC Aim and Movement map has a bunch of zones designed to help you sharpen your CS:GO skills

If you’re a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fan, you’ll know the FPS game’s got a thriving modding community, with custom maps and skins popping up on its Steam Workshop page daily. A popular new map, currently sitting with a five-star rating from fans, aims to, well, help you improve your aim as well as your movement in-game.

As you can see in the preview clip below, creator Dreazc0v’s new DC Aim and Movement training map for CS:GO is based in an indoor, warehouse-like location. It has several different areas and features designed to help players hone some of the skills needed to gain an edge in the live game, such an open-plan arena in which it appears you can spawn bots that’ll hunt you down from all directions. Minimal barriers between you and them (just a few crates) mean you’ll have to keep your aim sharp to nab them before they nab you.

There are also target firing ranges, which it seems you can move up and down their tracks, giving you practice at various ranges, and with adjustable speeds.

Other features in the map are a “container” area with spawnable bots and other customisable aspects, “movement” zones – kind of like CS:GO assault courses – full of ladders, slides, and other obstacles designed to hone your map traversal skills, and another, bigger-scale shooting range. Check it out below:

YouTube Thumbnail

You can find the impressive (and handy) fan-made training map on the multiplayer game’s Steam Workshop here if you’re keen to grab it for yourself. We also have some CS:GO smokes and CS:GO tips guides if you’re looking for some more pointers on how to sharpen your skills.