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Valve announce that Dust2 is leaving Active Duty for CS:GO

CSGO Dust 2

In a post following the conclusion of the ELEAGUE Major, Valve have decided to remove legendary CS:GO map Dust2 from Active Duty for the foreseeable future. Inferno has been chosen to take Dust2’s place in the competitive rotation and will appear at the next CS:GO major.

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With Dust2’s removal from Active Duty, this fan favourite map will no longer be used in future CS:GO tournaments. It is still easy to access for casual and deathmatch games and it even has its own category on the Competitive Matchmaking screen, should you wish to play only Dust2.

DreamHack Masters director Marc Winther has confirmed via Twitter that Inferno will be in the map pool for DreamHack Masters Las Vegas which commences on February 15. Future events like Intel Extreme Masters Katowice will no doubt follow suit but the ESL has yet to confirm if Inferno will appear in its map pool.

Inferno’s return to Active Duty marks it as the second reworked map to join the competitive rotation, following Nuke’s rework and subsequent addition to Active Duty in 2016. Dust2’s short absence from Active Duty could be to rework this now 16-year old map, similar to Nuke and Inferno, but Valve have kept quiet on the future plans for Dust2. Due to the map’s overwhelming popularity, I doubt that it will be gone for long.

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I Got a New Mouse On Nov 29 avatarCr00ve avatar✪SniperBlue avatar
I Got a New Mouse On Nov 29 Avatar
I Got a New Mouse On Nov 29(11 days 2 hours played)
1 Year ago

I spent my entire CS:GO competitive career ONLY playing Dust 2. I got to LE and now I don't know any of the other maps and am deranking fast. I'm already GN3 :(

✪SniperBlue Avatar
✪SniperBlue(59 days 16 hours played)
11 Months ago

Lol you are pretty trash xD thats why you dont play just Dust, its the easiest map! lol

Cr00ve Avatar
Cr00ve(38 days 13 hours played)
11 Months ago

There was a time they reworked Dust & Aztec still they are unpopular, i just am personaly not a favor of "the map pool" Eventualy i think it should just be picking a map of ALL maps, incase trouble perhaps make more reworks.... Vertigo aswell for example is a long dead map, they could bring it back if they put some editting work in it i guess,... HELL even HOSTAGE map could be converted to BOMB maps ; hostage map is just one thing not being played anyways, imagine, de_italy, de_assault lol, it would look weird at first, but if the correct ways and amount of editting is brought in, it could POSSIBLE be good, this is only an opinion ofcourse.