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Trainee physician draws EKG wave in CSGO for their homework

As part of their cardiology homework, an in-training physician created an EKG wave in Counter-Strike. We don't know his grade.

csgo ekg

Well, this is thinking outside the box. As part of their cardiology homework, a physician in training was asked to create an EKG (electrocardiography) wave without using paper or pencils. While most people probably would’ve immediately gone to MS Paint or any drawing app on their phone, Reddit user Fbach chose something different – he made it in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by shooting at a wall.

You can see the results above. We’re no doctors, despite our many hours in Theme Hospital, but it certainly looks a fine – if slightly crude – interpretation of someone’s heart rate. Certainly better than we could do anyway, although Fbach isn’t happy with it. “This is supposed to be my normal rhythm strip,” they say. “Gotta work on my aim.”

Of course, this being the internet, Fbach’s Reddit post and credentials were immediately called into question, as several people didn’t believe a physician training course would ask for something so goofy. “This assignment is worth less than 5% of my grade and this part was worth less than 5% of my assignment,” they reply. “The assignment has national board level questions included and this was just a fun addition before the real shit begins.”

Fbach has only just submitted the piece to his professor, so they don’t yet know the result. They seem confident that it’ll be accepted as a real piece of homework, however. “One of the staff at my program is a huge gamer so I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

Of course he’s not the only one using Counter-Strike GO in slightly weird real-world situations, as McDonalds in Denmark has taken to using CSGO slang while advertising its latest burger menu – with a quarter pounder being referred to as an “eco round.” We’re not sure if Fbach is based in Denmark, where CSGO is huge right now, but if not we certainly hope their professor knows what “GL HF” stands for.